How To Save The Oil From Your Broken Vape Cartridge

It’s all fun and games until someone breaks a cartridge!🤬 Sometimes when dealing with weed pens, either the batteries crap out or they break in your pocket. @Christine_Sclafani takes you through some remedies on how to salvage you cannabis oil if your cartridge breaks. 💔

Video Transcript:
Hey guys, I’m Christine Sclafani for Tnmnews and welcome to Costa Atlantica in Punta Cana Dominican Republic.

Unfortunately, I’m not here to report on the legalities for marijuana in the DR, which by the way, cannabis IS NOT legal here, But while I am here – I did think to bring along my weed pen and this morning I placed it on the counter and turned my back for a second and it rolled off and ———it broke. Ugh I’m heart broken! But it got me thinking about the few ways you can salvage the oil in your weed pen if you break yours!

Of course, breaking it accidentally is not the only reason a pen will malfunction. Sometimes when dealing with weed pens, atomizers burn out from turning the temperature too high on a battery, or sometimes the battery won’t hold a charge. At the end of the day, the majority of the vape cartridges are not made with the best quality batteries and technology, so they’re bound to break from time to time.

One of the best ways to remove oil from a vape cartridge is to take a small syringe, similar to the ones they use to put the oil INTO the cartridge. The mouthpiece on the majority of the standard pre-filled cartridges can be unscrewed. Once the mouthpiece is unscrewed, you can then dip the tip of the syringe into the open cartridge. From there, it should be pretty easy to pull out all the oil. Next, you would just need to purchase an empty cartridge from a vape shop or online. Once you obtain that, you can simply push the oil straight into the empty cartridge and you’re good to go!

If you don’t have an empty cartridge to refill, but you have the syringe full of oil – then it’s time to do some dabs. You can use any dab rig that you would normally use with concentrates you purchased at a dispensary. Just simply heat the nail or banger on your dab rig, let it cool, and slowly push on the syringe until a drop of oil falls out and inhale the smoke.

If the oil seems to be too stable to push out of the syringe, then try and heat the syringe so the oil becomes more vis-cous. Don’t burn the syringe though! Hot air from a blow dryer works best, or you can even use hot water – as long as there is a strong sealed cap on your syringe.

Now….The SIMPLEST way to salvage oil that you pulled out of a broken marijuana cartridge is – to eat it. That’s right, after you’ve pulled the oil out of the cartridge you can add it to any meal or drink to consume the concentrate. Since the distillate does not have THCA, there is no need to decarboxylate the marijuana as its ready to consume the moment you pull it out of the cartridge. The other ingredients in vape cartridges are generally regarded as safe to consume by the FDA. Therefore, you’re good to add the oil directly to any food or beverage you’re having – risk free.

Another option for you, is to simply put a small bit of oil on top of a regular marijuana flower bowl. You can use a pipe, bong, bubbler or any other smoking device. Just put a few drops per bowl and that should enhance the flower you’re smoking.
Some people even like to put some drops of oil in blunt wraps or joints. It works like a charm and makes the smoking experience just a little bit sweeter.

If you are thinking of using the oil to make your joint a super joint – I recommend putting the oil on the outside of the joint after it’s rolled. Then, if you want to get really crazy, and you happen to have some kief saved up in your grinder, you can then roll the joint in the kief. Basically making your own moon rock joint.

Lastly – If the oil you have is thin and might have already been cut with poly-eth-y-lene glycol (PEG) or something similar, it should work in an e-cig or e-juice vaporizer.

Marijuana is expensive, so don’t waste it – if you don’t have to!

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