Hybrids in 510 Vape Cartridges? What makes them so popular | Vape Review | | Elegant Aware

The best of both worlds. Part wick part advanced drip plate system. Thee latest in design to accept a wide variety of thicknesses. Testing is required before mass filling these 510 vape cartridges. AAA ultra clear food grade storage cell that is very durable, thee best in vapor cartridge design. 510 thread fits most systems. Works best with Elegant Aware Cold Fusion vape battery.
The Bud S Hybrid looks feels right in any situation. The sleek design part wick and drip plate, it is sure to deliver a smooth flow from juice to vape, the oil burns just right. The ultra clear vaporized glass cartridge storage cell is durable with new designs that fits any 510 thread battery. We recommend Elegant Aware’s cold fusion for the hybrid makes vaporizing a pleasure.



  1. This is the only cartridge I have found (and have tested prob a dozen diff kinds) that works well with DMSO. It hits hard and doesn't leak (unless you don't dry off the silicone plug). I just wish it used a simpler design because the silicone plug hole is a hassle to clean properly before shipping out.

  2. Are there any reviews yet for this product? Does anyone know if it handles thick oils well?

    Thanks for any input on this matter. These look quite efficient if they work well.

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