1. I have one of these and I got to hit a couple times now when I try to hit it the light comes on for a second and then just goes off and doesn't give me any vapor

  2. This is a great cartridge. Couple puffs before bed and it’s nighty night. The flavor is more natural because so many flavor terpenes are added to the others.

  3. what do i need to buy to be able to use the cartridge? i have no idea what i need, accidentally bought just the cartridges and i have nothing to screw them in to?

  4. I found the mag landrace to taste and smell very skunky…. the high is slow to come on, but good when it hits. My favorite so far, is the wild berry clear. Love the taste and after taste, and the high is quick to kick in

  5. My main dispensary is out in Morris (Greenhouse), about 45 mins out from me but I primarily buy Verano. I’ve gotten a few Cresco and Grassroots disposables as well as the Double Barrell Sherbinskis but Verano carts have been my go-to. I can’t remember all but so far I’ve tried their Berry Gelato, Strawberry Cough, Cannalope Haze, G6 (Jet Fuel), Biscotti, G-Purps and Grapefruit Kush. – I highly recommend Strawberry Cough and Cannalope Haze for Sativa fans out there.

  6. Berry gelato, biscotti, and XJ-13 are my favorite carts from Verano, great flavor and high. didn't really care for the landrace.

  7. I live downstate and I just picked up the Verano Motorbreath cart and I've been quiet pleased. It's a hybrid that leans towards the Indica side but downstate pricing is ridiculous. I paid $93 but right now I'm lucky that I got it during this Covid shutdown.

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