Kenosha man charged after K-9 led to recovery of 206 THC vape cartridges

A Kenosha man has been charged after prosecutors said 206 THC vape cartridges were recovered from a vehicle he was driving on I-94 in Racine County on Saturday, April 27. Racine County sheriff’s officials said K-9 “Friday” made the bust.



  1. He was simply the decoy that made sure that the large shipment got past the cops without a hitch. He was literally breaking every traffic law possible to make sure that he got their attention instead. He's being taken care of real well during his stay in incarceration. Anybody can net a cool million if they're willing to do a year in jail, for being a decoy who guarantees the big shipments get through without being detected.
    206 carts is nothing compared to the gross tonnage of product that makes it thru to it's destinations every day.

  2. Crime of the century. Seriously though, those fake weed oil cartridges are dangerous. I live in California, but if I lived in a state where it remains illegal, I'd make the occasional drive to a weed-legal state. It only takes a handful of high-potency oil carts to last you for the next year.

  3. Fun fact dogs smells terps .. terps are extracted during the distalite process.. so I don't know hownthe dog hit that .. especially cause these carts are fake with vitamin E acitate.. so I know they didn't put real terps in them because they cut and bunk anyways.. so that cop lied hands down and profiled his ass.. wake up people .. but fuck those carts get them off the street any ways

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