Lola Lola Gorilla Glue Vape Cartridge Review

Lola Lola. The vape so nice they named it twice. Maybe. Another value priced cartridge, will it produce value priced results?

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  1. Hey man I just got one of these same carts recently just through a friend who had gifted it to me but I wanted to ask if you got it from the dispo I'm assuming? I just wasnt sure if it was legit and not one of those fakes going around

  2. Just got a jack herer one probably not gonna get another one. It constantly has draw problems which is my main problem but the high is ok. Definitely rather wait next time for a HH or BK 1 grams

  3. I tried this awhile back in 2017 but I don't remember anything about it. Vegan Buddha and Jade House have been great. The Honey carts were hard as fuck to draw in which annoyed me to no end but tasted divine and the high was great!

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