Make your own 50:50 THC and CBD vape cartridges

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A popular product in states with legal cannabis are vape cartridges containing equal parts THC and CBD – these cartridges have a significantly more subdued effect, and are far more ideal for anxiety and insomnia than regular THC dominant strains.

To achieve this, we add hemp-derived CBD isolate to a regular THC dominant cannabis concentrate in equal parts to create CBD-rich thick oil cartridges.

Like in our last videos, we use Terpene Botanicals terpenes to provide additional flavor and to help lower the viscosity.



  1. Thc wax or shatter mixed with CBD wax or the one you used. With added terpenes. Could I use something to dilute it abit so when I do take a hit it’s not to strong.. ? Would it even Ben strong thc wise? If I was to do same weighing as you? What would you recommend me to use as in diluting it.. 4th adding* .. What should I look out for as in not to buy..

    I’m a newbie hence my questions.
    Hope to hear from you.


  2. No issues with re crystallizing? In my experience..when it chills or gets cool..hardens back up. Won't vape. Only went 7% terps tho. Maybe i should decarb

  3. I thought you needed some type of e-juice that would allow it to vape.  Just the thc, cbd, and terpene is enough to vape?  I'm just starting so trying to get as much info as possible.  I thought I saw some mixes that were pre mixed with terpene and vape juice so all you needed was the cbd and thc.

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