Make Your Own Vape Carts! Marijuana E liquid Tutorial: Make Cartridges from Wax!

Learn how to turn your concentrates into a safe, high quality, vapable E liquid that tastes better than anything you can find in a dispensary! This is the 1st part of a muti part series that will cover liquefying various extracts for use in vape cartridges, this episode focuses on BHO.

You can purchase the KIT I use here:



This video is for educational purposes only.



  1. Bruh u need to try high voltage extracts distillate it tastes just like fresh frozen bho it’s distillate but HTFSE they use BHO terps n run off n shit tastes just like winterized shatter

  2. Thank you for your video.. after watching once I was able to make potent and smokeable carts on my very first try.. I just made my 3rd or 4th batch and EVERYTHING is spot on.. they are super tasty like at the shops AND I can make them as potent as I like. Thank you SO MUCH for the info and introducing me to Terp Liquefy.. that stuff is amazing and makes your carts taste out of this world!!

  3. When you let them sit for a few days how many days did you let it sit and how did you store them? Where they just left out in open or do you need to close them?

  4. I love the idea of skipping the juice and using terpenes and extract only. My carts have been amazing and incredibly strong but haven't tasted that good. I know that using terpenes only is going to make them taste much much better. Great vid!

  5. I recommend the oil bath method get a glass e juice container drop ur wax inside heat up oil to 250°F – 270°F its done when there's no more bubbles mix in terps
    .1ml – .2ml of terps or .8ml of wax liquidizer then put the cap on it shake it to mix it up then put it back in the oil bath let it settle then shake again for a good mix then back in the oil bath let it settle and while its still hot pull it into a syringe
    If u wanna take it to the next level get a gram of distillate and mix it into ur gram of wax with .8ml of wax liquidizer or .1ml – .2ml of terps and follow the same steps above jus add ur distillate at the same time u add ur terps or wax liquidizer and it'll make it full spectrum it smacks so much more!!!!!!

  6. Love the video, but from someone who makes carts for a living lol. Your making wax too liquified. Should take 7-8min to drop to bottom. Not 4-6 lol.

  7. how much e liquid should i be getting per g of wax? when i do this i always end up with like a 1/4th yield, so like half a half g cart from one g of wax. does anyone know what a normal yield is?

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