McFaul On Brittney Griner: The Russians Have Made It Crystal Clear They Want A Trade

Amb. Michael McFaul discusses the mounting pressure to bring home WNBA star Brittney Griner and new warnings to the West from China.

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  1. She criticize America so much BUT now she’s begging everyone so she can come back America, let her have her vacation in jail, I don’t feel bad for this ungrateful person

  2. How is it that after the Vietnam war America was willing to abandon over fifty thousand US troops to the Vietcong where if a family got a release letter the government tried to cover it up, vs a woman who went to a hostile country wit drugs on her own initiative

  3. President Biden should never feel pressure to trade for a convicted sports drug smuggler. Where is the pressure coming from. Other overrated criminal athletes. The merchant of death should die in US prison and never ever be traded for a convicted guilty drug smuggler. Griner should serve her sentence and let's focus on real issues that need our attention!!!

  4. How do these people ask for her release when she's broken the law which is a crime ??? To they have any regards to the law at all ?? These people should not have power because they are dangerous and only sees their political opponents as people liable to being in jail .

  5. Let her rot the he is of zero value to America and made .the choice to break Russian law no she can kneel burn American flags and hate America with the Russians

  6. Well, hope this situation awakens African-Americans to stop being stupid overseas. Stop going to Russia, as you know stop making us a dam escape goat for those in a ethic cleasing bloody war.

  7. So carrying Marijuana Cartridges into a country you have lived in form 7 years is called smuggling, that's a crime. Grinar is a criminal. Hear is a new idea-If you don't want to be in Russian Prison don't break the Law.

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