Napalm OG Live Resin Diamonds Vape Cartridge Review Featuring Napalm Cannabis Company

The Napalm OG live-resin diamonds vape cartridge from Napalm Cannabis Co tasted smooth and very terpy. The strain was effective with the high hitting almost immediately after the first two hits. The cartridge featured a heavy and sleek vape cart for the hardware and the extract was sweet earthy and piney.

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  1. For new vapers…. and even u my guy…. warm up that coil with a few small puffs before u start with blinkers. You'll thank me later when ur shit starts to taste funny. Also I recommend using a vape mod or something better than those basic batteries. Ur guessing your voltage ⚡ stop that bro . Gonna go check out your other vids… thx for the review on the product.

  2. Does the oil burn fast ?
    Like for example the new select essentials cartridge are hands down the best cartridge IMO cause of the cart design they use it literally uses ALL THE OIL cause the burners are at the bottom of the tank , just sucks how fast the oil burns and the cartridges you can tell every hit that it went lower and lower

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