o2Vape – All Glass Vape Cartridge – 1ml

Another video for my #CrippyKingFam is live! In this one I show you the All Glass 1ml Vape Cartridges from o2Vape.com and let you know the results of me testing it, how it helps me and more.

You can get the cartridges on this video at their website:


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100% of all donations received will go to devices for reviewing. I can afford my medicine, but devices are a bit above my patented spending $ vs keeping my wife happy balance ratio.

And you can put a note on the donation requesting which device to review with the donation too.



  1. Thank you for this video, you’re the only person I could find talking about this particular cartridge. It’s the first cart I’m filling for myself and I wish it came with some sort of instructions. Do you fill it up from the bottom between the holes on the stopper attachment?

  2. Hi this might be a long shot but I was thinking of buying this cartridge and I’m wondering if you know if Koi Hemp Extract CBD Vape Juice would be compatible with this? I’m really new to cbd and vaping and still don’t know much about what type of products go with what type of vapes

  3. Dam I've had two syringes for a solid month and a half now because I'm worried I might mess up filling the carts, knowing my luck I'll get oil everywhere and mess the cart up lol. Am I over thinking this? I know a lot of people fill their own carts so I'm guessing it can't be that hard. Also, awesome video man really appreciates it!!!

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