Orchid Essentials Jack Herer Vape Cartridge Review

There are vape cartridges. Then there’s Orchid Essentials. I’m in love.

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  1. Vapes are dumb. You have to do alot of research to be safe and spend alot of time learning all of the ups and downs and this and that bullshit about fake tanks, chinese coils, chemicals, the actual ammount they are putting in, the size of the metal bar, knowing which brands are safe blah blah blah! When i first started vaping i didnt care, its when i started reading about all of the complicated factors involved in vaping anything safely. I understand these are dispensary grade but how do you know you can even trust them with all of the technical hoopla?

  2. Lol I saw comment for if u pay 80$for that gram cartlidge u better get a hand job to lol that's funny but for real I saw reviews from ppl and that's thier #1chose vape I saw it I'd pay 80$bc my dispensary charges 50 for half grams I just by a 80$ concentrate add liquifier and make 2gram carts outa it so in over all u basically get ur gram concentrate ready to go and vape soon as u open it so fuck ppl haten on price that's worth 80$ not any more then 80$ but 80 is wat they can charge bc u can tell that's professional and made properly not like carts going around even brand new ones are made cheep bc iv filled new carts up hit them 20times and idk y but they quit working I only had issues with carts that are oposit they got air wholes on top not bottom like smart carts twisted carts a couple other kinds are like that to best vape carts i found are dank tanks but u cant unscrew top of but star carts thier new are in a cell cartridges that look identical to dank tanks and top screws of but says holds 1.1 it holds .7 of oil and smart carts are to best types of vape cartlidges IV used so far Mario carts suck and I haven't tryed alot of carts out I found a couple I like and so I by those bc I no they work bc I fill them up and sell them so thier not for me just to fill and sell that's y I only deal with wat I no works best and the batteries the twist adjustable setting at bottom of batterie where u twist to turn up or down are great I just bought 10on eBay for 50$ b. I got no chargers with them bc I got like 50 chargers in a droor but I'd love to try one of those Vapes u reviewed I'd pay u 80$ for it bc my dispensary don't carry different types of Vapes only 2 kinds and I haven't Sean a vape with a 90%thc rating I think I saw 85a lil higher but that's about it I get good RSO oil just grabed 1/2gram of Harley quin bc I like 1.1thc cbd ratio for pain and I got a gram of grassroutes it's 79.600% THC so if u no how I can get one of those Vapes let me no I'll pay 80$ I pay 80 a gram of concentrates that go into vape carts when I get home I get 2gram carts out of 1gram of shatter budder and crumble anyways

  3. If you have asthma, it will make you cough like that no matter what. I have mild asthma and anytime I puff I have to take baby hits or I’ll cough a lot. I like the edibles and oils under the tongue

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