PA Medical Marijuana Vape Cartridges and Pods – Pros & Cons

In this short video I go over the pros and cons of PA MMJ vape cartridges and pods.

When it comes to vape cartridges and pods, it’s easy to see why they are one of the most popular ways of medicating.

Pros: convenient, portable, easy to dose, little upkeep
Cons: price

There are 3 main types you’ll see at the dispensary. Liquid Live Resin (LLR), CO2, and Distillate. I personally prefer LLR.

I DO NOT recommend any of the disposable pens. The batteries can sometimes die before you’ve used all the product. It can also make it taste burnt.

Thinners & Terpenes for making your own Vape Cartridges:

Home Page

You can get atomizers/carts as low as $2, but I recommend these:

If you have a moxie dart I also found a place where you can buy empty pods:
CCell Delta Dart Pod Packs



  1. I agree with you about the quality of the oil and the extraction methodology. I press Robin and it the best of the best. PAs problem is patient's can't grow flowers. So its basically a mafia. God save and truly free the sacrament

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