Parking Ticket CHEAT CODES! with Ian Fidance | Sal Vulcano & Chris Distefano: Hey Babe! | EP 90

THE BABES ARE BACK and joined by comedian Ian Fidance!!!! @Bein’ Ian with Jordan Podcast Chris doesn’t know SKA music. Ian Fidance is the SKA music queen! Ian loves the new hey babe couch. Wiping back to front is dangerous. Ian is back to being straight but enjoyed being Bisexual. Ian talks about his time as a teacher. Shout out Monkeypox. Gay gang names.The government spies on gay dating apps?!?! Yakov Smirnoff baffles the babes! What is really happening with Brittney Griner? Speed Limit Sal teaches us how to get out of a ticket. The babes talk about their biggest crushes. A Nun dances to Chris’ fav song. Being punished by a teacher was SUS. Chris mom caught him with sexy magazines. What does VHS and VCR mean?! Shout out to the fan who made us cool stickers! Balenciaga releases new garbage bag march. Ian won’t stop smoking! Sal talks about how he quit smoking. The babes are gonna start a movie night!!

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00:00 Intro
1:20 Ian Fidance Loves Ska
5:00 Full Time Sub
7:41 Bowie Phase
11:41 Best Gays in the World
13:37 Who is Yakov Smirnoff?
15:55 Who Do We Need To Get Britney Out
20:00 Speed Limit Sal
22:11 Which Britney?
22:59 Old School Catholic School Punishments
26:32 Best Ska Bands
28:39 Babe Ads
32:39 Top 3 Crushes
39:15 VHR stand for
42:08 Crushes Part 2
47:43 US Government Is Making Elon Musk Take Drug Tests
50:45 Babes LOVE Peanut Butter
52:33 Balenciaga is Disrespectful
53:29 When Brittney Griner Comes Back
55:33 Ian Loves His Reds
1:01:00 Key & Peele is #1
1:02:21 Movie Night!


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