PS1 – Double Cartridge / Concentrate Vape Battery

This is one awesome product!

First of all, it allows you to vape two cartridges at the same time, which means you can mix and match strains creating your own hybrid creations. You could even vape two of the same style/strain cartridges if you didn’t want to mix flavors.

Secondly, it has a bubbler function which gives a normal standard vape cartridge battery a HUGE upgrade!

Lastly, this battery comes with two ceramic coils for wax and concentrates! This vape bubbler battery works with both vape cartridges and concentrates! We forgot to mention this fact in the video.

This product is unique and rare, you don’t see too many vape cartridge batteries with an integrated bubbler functionality. It has a strong 1100mah battery and has three different voltage settings. Instructions are included. We have the lowest pricing on this product at