Pure Sun Farms Island Honey Vape Cart Unboxing & Review

In this episode I unbox and review the Island Honey VApe Cart from Pure Sunfarms.

I enjoyed this cart for the price and because it was a full spectrum extract. Id rather this than distillate regardless of the dark amber colour.

A good cannabis experience


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  1. I was speaking with someone from Valens a few weeks ago. PSF is not a true full spectrum, but they can say as much because everyone has their own opinion on what that means exactly.

  2. can u review the Black Cherry Punch Rosin on OCS? I don’t live in BC so I can’t order. Also, why are rec prices cheaper than med in canada?

  3. When extractors decarb the cannabis prior to extraction (for distillate) there is a cold trap placed in between the vacuum oven and the vacuum pump. This cold trap's function is protect the vacuum pump but also captures terpenes. These terpenes are reintroduced back into the extract. This is what is being touted as full spectrum in most cases. I am not saying that is how this product was produced but is what is being sold as "full spectrum" in most legal retailers. There is a couple true "FSE" pens out there such as Greybeard and Premium 5. Can't wait for rosin carts!

  4. What ever you do, don't buy the kush mints strain by b40, they put actual menthol in it and I'm certain the strain isn't kush mints lol. I was blown away that canada allows garbage in their vapes.

  5. Its funny how you say this is the only full spectrum cart you are aware of and yet you have a cannabis dispensary. I can name several off the top of my head, which one is the best on the market with a wooden mouthpiece. Only cart on the market with a wooden mouthpiece which is organic and full spectrum with all cannabinoids on their lab report. Something isn't right here.

  6. I’m all about the full spectrum too brother. So many sweets being infused with distillate in the uk is unreal, I stick to my full spec myself, better for a medicine 🙂🙏🕉👊☮️🇬🇧☯️

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