SkyBlue Vapor Original Vape Pen Kit Unboxing


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The SkyBlue Vapor Original Vape Pen Kit Unboxing shows you exactly what to expect when your Original Vape pen arrives at your door! Easily vaporize all forms of Concentrates, Dry Herb, and Oil Cartridges with just one vape pen. Looking for the all in one? This is it!

Included With Your SkyBlue Vapor™ Vape Pen Kit:

1 Travel Case
1 SkyBlue Vapor™ Battery
1 SkyBlue Concentrate Atomizer – “Click” Lock
1 Dry Herb Atomizer – “Click” Lock
1 510 Thread Cartridge Adapter
1 Mouthpiece / 1 Mouthpiece Cover
2 SkyBlue Dab Slabs™
1 Micro USB Charger
1 Packing Tool
1 Cleaning Brush
1 Non-Stick Container
1 User Manual
1 Lifetime Warranty
Hand Assembled in The USA
3% of Profits Made Donated to Charity

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  1. hey guys, I want to know if this kit will allow me to vape dry herb, live resin and dab. what is the name of the product that give me all three items? thanks

  2. Well, As The very first commenter, I'd have to say with complete honesty that this is my Daily…Go-To Unit. I absolutely Love It. I've had one now for about a year and the little sucker just keeps on ticking. Keep up the good work Brothers👍

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