Platinum Vape Cartridge: Death Star OG (Indica)

This Death star og platinum vape its pretty cool. Sitting at 91% thc its has a strong hit to it. You can purchase this cart at your local dispo for $35+ Tax. The only down side is that it has a strong chemical taste 🤮 ⚠️{Intended For 18 years or Older} DONT FORGET TO LIKE… Continue reading Platinum Vape Cartridge: Death Star OG (Indica)


Add me on Snap Chat @Bigdromusic Follow me on Instagram @Alexdagreatone EUREKA VAPE CARTRIDGE REVIEW! In this video i review a EUREKA vape cart and rate it from 1-420. The strain was Super Lemon Haze (Sativa) and the battery used was called MULE with a magnetic connector. Thanks for watching 🤙 Like Comm3nt & SUBSCRIBE… Continue reading EUREKA VAPE CARTRIDGE REVIEW