Adise Gets Pneumonia From Black Market Vape Cartridges

Clip from The Dimah Podcast (The Lost Episodes) Adise has a health scare, thinks pneumonia is from the cold. Black market THC cartridges are to blame for vaping scare. Moms will hunt him down if he partakes in any il(legal) activities surrounding Mary-Ju-Wana. Like and Subscribe Lets be friends: Instagram : @ thedimahpodcast source

How do you close vape cartridges? – ATG MonoPress

We sat down with our Business Development Manager, Mark Hales, to answer some questions we have been asked about how to close vape cartridges with our MonoBlox system. Mark has taken his experience from helping his client with tech support and teaching other how to use to the equipment to explain the benefits and operation… Continue reading How do you close vape cartridges? – ATG MonoPress