AbsoluteXtracts Strain-Specific Cannabis Vape Cartridges

AbsoluteXtracts have the highest THC potency at the best price, according to independent lab testing. 100% pure, strain-specific cannabis oil extracted from organically grown cannabis available in 10 different strains: Grape Stomper, Blackberry Kush, Cherry Pie, OG Kush, Sour Diesel, Green Dragon, Girl Scout Cookies, Chem Dawg, Blue Dream, & Blue Jay Way Find out… Continue reading AbsoluteXtracts Strain-Specific Cannabis Vape Cartridges

This Cultivate Gelato Vape Cartridge is High Functioning

I took a trip to Windy City Cannabis to pick up a couple of more carts. I picked up two popular strains, one of which I’m reviewing in this video called Gelato. It was a smooth, but functional high. I was simply pleased. Instagram: www.instagram.com/Shaqbr Snapchat: Pologrow #Gelato #THC #Vape #Carts source