Unboxing 2020 THC Vape cartridge

#UNBOXING the new 2020 VAPE cartridge 1g. Made with pure distillate cannabis oil, SOLVENT FREE distilled. – 1 gram net weight – Adjustable Airflow Ring – Streamline Metal Tip Design – California State ONLY! – Info about products? Visit our page : 2020finder.com For more fun, follow us: Instagram: @2020hiieffect.official Twitter: 2020_hiieffect Snapchat: Hiieffect source

Platinum Vape Cartridge: Death Star OG (Indica)

This Death star og platinum vape its pretty cool. Sitting at 91% thc its has a strong hit to it. You can purchase this cart at your local dispo for $35+ Tax. The only down side is that it has a strong chemical taste 🤮 ⚠️{Intended For 18 years or Older} DONT FORGET TO LIKE… Continue reading Platinum Vape Cartridge: Death Star OG (Indica)