Today we are going to be reviewing a new cartridge brand I came across called EDEN! we will be reviewing the Jack Herer Flavor! I hope you guys enjoy todays wax cartridge review video!! WATCH ME LIVE: https://mixer.com/iAmCrunchy Main Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/iAmCrunchy1 Business Email: intheecut@gmail.com Instagram: @iamcrunchy Twitter: @iAmCrunchyy #Education #InTheCut source

How to make Shatter Vape Carts

Check out: https://CartAndPod.com – Shopping at Cart&Pod helps support this channel! This video is a reupload of the very first video I ever made. I will show you how to make THC E-Juice for filling THC Carts using just terpenes. The process is simple. First decarb your shatter: https://youtu.be/-Fx7MB-fNIk I then applied 10% terpenes to… Continue reading How to make Shatter Vape Carts