Tested and reviewed: Raw Gardens Vape Cartridge Sapberry OG. Live resin hype.

Raw Garden wants you to know that their product is live resin, which is better, or something.

Weeats takes a look at their Sapberry OG “live resin” cart. Is it worth the hype?






  1. In Chicago a full gram raw garden is $100 dollars way too much. Rather get a big chief for 40. Never tried a raw garden but it’s way to expensive for me

  2. Raw garden is great but if you think that is strong af.. try Ursa and WOX. They will blow you away haha. It’s a straight up Dab in a cart. The only carts I smoke. I use to the think raw garden was the best until I got my hands on Ursa and WOX extracts 💨🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 they are the BEST! They are Diamond sauce carts that get you smacked!!!! They use Ceramic glass tanks ! Currently right now are out of the stock of the ceramic tanks due to covid but they will bring back the ceramics in the nearby future. I talk to the owner all the time. Super chill ass dude

  3. Its the best ive ever had. Gluetopia 99. Hits amazin all the way to the bottom. Gonna go stock up, expensive, but well worth it when you know its safe, and actually gets you feelin good

  4. this is the only brand that is consistent but I will admit, i bought a gram cartridge and it was missing literally like a 1/4 gram but this was an issue only once where with king pen, pure extracts and other brands it was damn near everytime. Also I found that their 70-80% stuff may vary a lot in potency but I've only had this occur once or twice where I wasn't getting that high but again, I've had that numerous times with king pen where some batches tastes liek straight neem oil, some taste amazing, and then its still a coin toss on viscoiuty and potency. I used to worry about getting fucked over for what I paid for, much like dealers do where they weight things out to .95 or .96 to have it round up to the nearest gram

  5. I just got the raw garden refined live resin “ring of fire “ for the first time.if taste just like a regular dab..1/2 gram for $30
    Battery$15 cheap setup defiantly would buy again

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