THC-0 cartridges

this is my review of the “Sweet Dream” THC-0 live resin cart. This is called sweet dream. This product comes from a company called JK distro. I do not sell these products I only review them. If you are under 18 please leave my Channel. All hemp derived products are legal thanks to the farm bill.

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  1. THC O is much stronger than Delta 8. Hell it's much stronger than Delta 9… Try a better brand. It'll get you faded. I tried URB Live Resin THC 0 and it was amazing. I can't even imagine what a brand like 3Chi's will be like.

  2. I'd avoid this one bro..
    I have yet to come across a maker that has quality testing for this and doesn't have unknown ingredients. Unlike the other varieties this one uses some serious dangerous chemistry to produce it also. This can and absolutely should only be lab made in a proper setting and a fume hood as the acetic anhydride used to make it is extremely flammable and potentialy explosive and in no way should come into human contact. Also if your getting slapped by it instantly you likely have a different product than advertised as its takes your body about 30 minuts to break it down and it's about 3x as potent as regular THC so the couch lock effect is far stronger.

  3. Howdy folks! I love and greatly appreciate this video review however I don't understand how anyone is feeling much of the affects from THC-O vape carts until AT LEAST 10-15 minutes after initial consumption (not to say that it's impossible, but the full effects from THC-O vape carts are not instant). Researchers have already concluded that THC-O is a "prodrug", which means it's a compound that must be metabolized in one's liver to be activated. I'd say that the timeframe for the full effects of THC-O vape carts to kick in is comparable to one consuming a gummy or tincture, but slightly quicker. For me it takes up to 15-20 minutes for the effects of THC-O vape carts to go into full throttle.

    I'd be curious to see how Taz felt after 15-20 minutes from the start of this video! Again, thanks for this video review and I just wanted newbies to THC-O vape carts know that it absorbs differently (and it takes longer to kick-in) than all the other cannabis products out there on the market these days :-).

  4. Thc-o is fully synthetic and people are equating it to spice. Stick to d8 from trusted sources. If we keep smoking anything they give us its all gonna end up banned and some of these really aren't safe do your research, and stay lifted. πŸ’šπŸŒ±πŸ˜Š

  5. This cannabinoid has been around for decades already, but it’s only become popular in the mainstream cannabis market in recent months β€” likely driven by the rapidly developing delta 8 THC market.

  6. I see these "legal hemp" products ruining the end of prohibition.. these products are scary little to no regulation. We know virtually nothing about these new cannabinoids and the government watching them come out with something new almost constantly and they are going to use these products to keep prohibition

  7. i wouldnt recommend getting this jkdistro does not show solvent testing for any of their products, anything could be in here. Only order vapes that have full panel lab tests

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