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  1. I have been taking hits with you with my yocan uni and I’m getting bigger clouds. Same voltage at 2.8. Same flavor packed with terps as I’m also hitting a live resin cart by Element. Also imo the Yocan is more discreet as it looks just like a typical vape box. This is a cool pen though! Don’t think it’s worth the upgrade for me though since I can also pick any voltage I want.

  2. You have to be lying on the battery though.. I be puffing 2-4 times a day and battery be lasting me a week not a month. it’s 400 mah which is not a lot. But still great battery best one for me, my carts do last like 2-3 weeks

  3. This is a bad-ass battery. When I got into cartridge’s -delta9/8 I bought a cheapie ooze. Then I started doing my research and doing the brand Vessel. At first, no fucking way I’m gonna spend $80 on a pen lol. Next two months, I was already owing 2-3 pens 😂 so because of seby I found out of Toqi. Shout out to you my boyyy!!! Best looking pen ever. It never lets me down. The battery fucking last!!! It’s a win for me. THIS IS THE PEN YOU WILL EVER NEED. 🙏🏽💨🔥

  4. Yo Sebby if u can get ur hands on one try this battery called the Litpuff Litzero. It has 4 variable volts (2.8v, 3.2v, 3.7v, 4.2v), a magnet chamber to hide an extra cartridge, is palm size, and has a good 650mAh battery. I personally got mine at my local smoke shop and since then I've been pretty satisfied with it

  5. Is that the Himalayas live resin? I just finished a disty Himalayas cart since it was the cheapest which I got because of your cheapest cart vid lol . Was not a bad idea 🤙🏽Always re-cap the pen you’re smoking on if you can!!

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