The Dangers of Vaping With a CBD Oil Pen

Vaping can be a very effective means of consuming CBD. However, a lot of CBD vape users don’t realize that not all products out there are created equal. On the contrary, one has to choose their brands and cartridges very carefully. This is necessary to ensure that you’re getting a quality, effective – and most importantly, safe – product that’s free of contaminants and other health hazards.




  1. After many failed attempts with other brands, I finally found this brand. Weedborn products are the best and I don't think I will ever need to look for another CBD supplier. I would recommend for practically any health problem.

  2. When I started to cough seriously I was thinking It was caused by cold till I was diagnosed of pulmonary fibrosis. It was progressive and so painful, I spend so much on trying to get rid off it but nothing happened till my friend told me about Madida herbal center which I google about them and I saw their website and massive reviews about their herbal service. I Place an order and they did send me the herbal medicine which the doctor instructed me to use for 1 month. So happy right now I am cured completely after using the herbal medicine, herbal medicine is a blessing on our path.

  3. LOLOL what a CIRCUS of LIE,no wonder it's tobacco lobbying indoctrination.
    Temperature isn't bringing the youth's back to cancer aka cigars.

  4. Short and simple- don't cheap out! I know,it gets expensive,but go with well established, laboratory tested cbd or thc cartridges only…don't buy from shady vendors or vaoe shops with unknown ingredients

  5. I bought a cbd vape pen today for only $75 , does that mean it won't be good and could be dangerous? Mine only reaches 120 not 900 like you said. It's going to be my first time vaping cbd oil. I always vaped thc oil or herbs.

    I bought the airis 2 in 1 vaporizer.

  6. What makes it dangerous is when it's flavored with diacetyl to give it a buttery taste. Vitamin E acetate is added as well in some liquids to thicken it. This leads to the coils and wicking material burning out prematurely, thus damaging your lungs.

  7. I find it hard to believe a vape pen can hit 900°. Flash point of cotton is 760°f and PG is 788°f. You would have to be intentionally trying to heat the coil to those temperatures.

  8. Are cbd carts from plain jane safe to use? Been using them for over a year and they help me alot and I haven't had any issues but don't wanna keep using if there not safe

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