The Pottery Product Review! Kurvana ASCND Cannabis Oil Vape Cartridge with Steffan

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The Kurvana ASCND line offers spectacular indica, sativa, and hybrid strains available as 500mg or 1000mg vape cartridges.

From packaging and labeling to their delicious strain selection, flavor profiles, and potency, Kurvana has perfected every detail. With good reason, Kurvana ASCND vapes have quickly become some of the best vape cartridges we’ve ever come across.

Potency & Lab Facts
Kurvana uses their own custom extraction machines and methods to produce full-spectrum oils that contain plenty cannabinoids and terpenes to preserve true-to-strain flavor profiles and effects.

All Kurvana ASCND cannabis oil are highly potent, testing at over 80-90%+ THC. These are excellent vape cartridges for those who enjoy intense psychoactive effects.

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