This Is My First Live Resin THC Cartridge… Natural Terps & POTENCY! #LiveResin #FireFlyOG

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  1. This is my first time trying live resin & I was definitely impressed. This was the strongest THC cartridge I’ve ever reviewed on my channel. The potency & flavor is great.🔥🙌🏾 … check out Phat Kloudz on Instagram @PhatKloudz

  2. no hate at all but i live in cali and i been smokin for like 3 years i aint ever seen a cart like that😭 my shit be clear as day

  3. phatkloudz onn ig looks like a regular clothing sotre is it because its discreet? also where did you buy the cart storage for the fridge.. i want to try this

  4. Why you say sorry after you blew out the first pre heat hit. That’s actually not a pre heat. It’s called the perfect hit. It heats up to allow only the perfect temp and timing. My pen has it and it’s the perfect dose instead of holding the pen down taking blinkers.

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