TIMELESS Solvent-Free Distilled GDP VAPE CARTRIDGE REVIEW! #TasteTheTerps

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  1. I appreciate the effort on your review, but you just ramble on and on without really saying much. Maybe try getting the info out BEFORE talking…just a suggestion. 🙂

  2. Nice are those the new packs ?? Haven’t had one in like a year and half it’s wack afff! my city only has ONE dispo and there carts aren’t that good some even look like black market. But they gotta be legit cause it’s a regulated dispo but oh well it’s legal now here in AZ so hopefully more dispensary’s come to My city 😭 but everyone that knows me knows I love timeless bro if I’m able to get them I’ll get like 5 or 7 at a time depending if there half Gs or full Gs the ones we had around here were mostly half Gs of timeless then out of no were all these Black market carts started to flood the city but I’m glad there kinda like Gone so that’s good…. man timeless carts smack I wish I can find some soon I’m currently asking around rn 😆😆

  3. I remember the first time I got a Drip cart, I was getting a boner over the packaging too. Says a lot about the company how they choose to present their product, least in my opinion. Sick vid, can't wait to get my hands on some of these carts

  4. Says all natural terpenes on the box, but I'm not impressed with the flavors and sometimes tastes like cough medicine. I've had my AZ state medical MJ card for years and have tried a variety of carts, and two of the best are select & nectar farms. They have incredible complex terpene rich flavors, and are top choice

  5. Hell yeah Ronnie 😎 not many reviews on Timeless and they are by far one of the most experienced companies producing Distillate, they started in 2010 out here in Arizona and have recently been expanding so soon LA will be on these and they will explode

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