Top 5 Best Oil Pens & 510 Batteries 2021

TVape shows you the top 5 best oil pens and 510 batteries of 2021 and gives you our list of the top picks!
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0:00 – Intro to Video
0:56 – Tautron Vape Pen
2:18 – Tautron Vapor Quality
2:34 – PCKT One Plus
2:48 – PCKT One Plus Vapor Quality
3:52 – Vessel Vape Pen
4:42 – Vessel Vapor Quality
5:06 – Tronian Nutron & Pitron
5:57 – Tronian Nutron Vapor Quality
6:21 – Pitron Vapor Quality
6:32 – Toqi Vape Pen
7:03 – Toqi Vapor Quality
7:49 – Final Note

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6:49: TOQi has 3 voltage settings
7:25: The TOQi Wireless Power Bank is face-up, it is meant to be placed on the other side of the power bank, it centers to the logo, so it lights up when placed down on the power bank.
7:31: The TOQi charger does not need to be plugged into the wall.

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  1. New to oil vaping and need some help. I have asthma and need MMJ for chronic pain. In the past I've used the Volcano and dry flower, but where I live I can only get the strains I want in oil cartridge here. Annoying. Questions, is vaping something like Willi's Reserve Cannatonic ok for my lungs and will I get the same pain relief as if I was vaping dry herb? Thanks

  2. I've bought so many cheap vape pens that end up dying or some other issue. What is the most durable modular oil vape pen? That would be good to know and I don't really care if it's expensive. I've easily spent over $100 on all the cheap products that die anyway.

  3. Definitely been very impressed with the Vessel Vista and the added voltage setting and cart protection. The Vista and PCKT Spark cart are a great combo together.

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