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This is my list of my top 5 cartridges to start off the new year! I’ve been trying a lot of new cartridge brands and I’ve come up with a list of the ones that really stuck out to me in terms of hardware, oil, vapor production, and with less emphasis on price.


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  1. You generation Z people don’t understand what a transition has happened in the marijuana community! When I was age 20-28 I use to traffic the shit out of weed, was buying bricks of (don’t laugh) fire Mexican brick weed, not Mexican ditch weed. There was both. You could get fire weed or dirt! Both were commonly found in Brick form. Back in those days 10+ years ago you couldn’t hardly find the weed you smoke today, or the weed that has made all those bricks disappear. I was getting them for $500 nd selling them for $1000! Would get like 10-20 per week in northern missouri and take them down to the sticks of Missouri and make hella cash. The thing you wouldn’t get is that none of this stuff you have or smoke existed. I mean it did in Amsterdam & every now and then you could find someone that had some fire. But back then all fire weed, weed like you smoke today had 1 name and 1 name only. It was all referred to as either kind bud or hydroponic! That’s it. Because it was so rare in rural areas. We had another weed we preferred over them all, and that was what we all called simply “Home grown” but homegrown weed was not the Weedy you smoke today. Before all the strands were mixed , matched and perfected. Some how it all came out the same. It was strait skunk, fluffy but no seeds hardly at all. You might find 1 or two. Everything i am typing is laughable and many of you will be thinking “what the fuck” and trust me I get it. And that’s what I mean by you just wouldn’t understand what it use to be like not even a decade ago. The legalization in just a couple states back then for medical changed the game completely. What is bullshit though is how when it all became legalized the prices of that which could be bought legally didn’t come down In price at all. It’s still going for $120 a quarte or $220-$260 a zip. That’s bullshit. I saw some places would sell you a pound for $1500 but they were doing that illegally obviously. I think the best thing today is for people to just grow their own crop! Im shocked that was made legal because that undermines the Institutional money & organizations that have it on lock. Thank god they did though. If more and more people would commit to growing their own they would have to come down on the price. Because low key so many would bypass the weed shops and get it from the homie for $60-80 a quarter. Forces the prices down. Cause let’s be honest, all of them are low key selling 10-50lbs a month off the books since there is no federal banking allowed yet. And so it’s bs to me knowing they are making millions off the books and still feeling the need to charge that much. I think for the individual, the best value is in the vape pens, you get so much more out of it.

  2. Chicago really needs a bigger/better cart market. In my opinion, the best we got are Select, Cresco (LLR), and Verano (Reserve) in that order. I've tried PTS, PharmaCann, Verano (distillate), Bedford Grow, AiroPro, Rythm, Joos, Ieso, and High Supply; they're either harsh, have bad taste, or don't hit as hard. Taxes are a third of the price here, so finding a good cart has been prodigal, to say the least.

  3. Nice have not 🚭 tried does but my top shelf has been ROVE bro but the ones from featured farm are have a great taste of course..

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