Transforming Cannabis Flower into Solventless Rosin Vape Cartridges

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Are you looking for a way to turn your small scale cannabis tent grow into vape cartridges? The cleanest, fastest, and solventless way to accomplish that is with a rosin press and the strain-specific terpenes that we produce at Terpene Botanicals. In this video, we transform Trainwreck OG flower into a very potent vape oil that is 85% rosin and 15% terpenes.

Decarboxylating the oil helps us remove water, which is known to cause a “buttering” effect.

For the best flavor, we use ceramic vape cartridges.



  1. I was so on board then you blended in trainwreck at 15% and I literally gagged. It's weird how different people's taste buds work. I've got what I believe is that exact trainwreck terp concentrate and at 5% it was a hair off from too much, and if I hit it a bunch it stil sorta made me sick, just toooooo strong, I've never had that with trainwreck bud, just the terp concentrate is insane…… did you enjoy its flavor at 15% or was that a necessity for flow?

  2. You never removed the fats and lipids. I do it the same way you did and the cartridge will work but sometimes fail. Rosin needs to be winterized in order for the cartridge to work correctly.

  3. Greetings! Dope video! At 1:33 when decarboxilating till bubble production slows down, how long more or less did it take? 2min, 5, 20?
    Also, what's that sweet little tool you used at the end called? Is it a specific kind of syringe?

  4. Question, I notice you use 110 celsius. In every other video I have seen, it is around 140-165 degrees F. Is using 110C correct only for this rosin method? 110C = 230F and I thought that was worthy of fact checking. Please reply!

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