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I’ve tried the distillate Platinum Vapes before and I really thought it was good at the time. I remember it being just as good as Plug Play when it comes to distillate (maybe a bit lesser in quality). The live resin from them is definitely something that can be better but I really can’t judge this off one strain or flavor. The Melonade wasn’t the greatest in terms of taste but it did do the job of getting me medicated!


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  1. It’s looks like a good Distillate! Now trying it, Do you actually think that’s a live resin cart? Also bro! You gotta find Acartas fire Live resin ceramic carts. You gonna rock with it fasho 💨🔥🔥🔥🔥

  2. idk if your gonna see this but you need to play tired eyes again i heard it i think when u had ur old channel and ive had it in my playlist since

  3. finally haha lol been saying to try then they kinda gas just depends on the batch, try wox carts at nrc, they look like ursas but they honestly good from when i tried them

  4. We have platinum vapes in michigan…they are decent. I prefer the RedBud Roots carts, they are based in Buchanan michigan just on the other side of the Stateline of Indiana.
    And PV takes a minute to get their taste in the carts. I had one i hit for a day before it started to make my entire house smell like straight flower. And the taste took at least 5 hits to get on fully

  5. Honestly companies are finding a lot of new ways to make live resin. I’ve had a heavy blitz half gram, and the resin is extremely dark and brown, tasting almost exactly like flower. I’ve tried a Flowerco brand live resin too and that one is a lot more yellow, tasting much more like distillate. Both come in at 95% thc, I didn’t even know live resin came in that high

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