UGDISTILLATE Sour Diesel 1000mg Vape cartridge review

This is a medical marijuana Vape cartridge review of UG distillate
And the one I picced this time is the Sour Diesel remember how sour diesel used to taste back in the day just don’t taste the same right am I the only one that think that lol anyway. now Urban Greenhouse the dispensary is only putting these out in 1000mg cartridge from what I saw so I had to give it a run normally I get the half-gram cartridges but this 1 here has
80 to 90% THC and its solvent-free one more thing about this product it’s
Urban Greenhouse dispensary
Here in Phoenix Arizona

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  1. not a 1000 mg cartridge thats how much it can hold, if u have a .5 cartridge it wil say 500 mg on it, if u had 1000mg ur distalate would have to be 100%

  2. WHat''s up neighbor! Hollar from Peoria! Urban Greenhouse has those FIRE distillate carts for sure…. damn good price and best in town if you are looking for an INTENSE vape on the fly… I recommend the Pineapple coconut. It has a deep indica feel to it.

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