Unboxing 2020 THC Vape cartridge

#UNBOXING the new 2020 VAPE cartridge 1g.

Made with pure distillate cannabis oil, SOLVENT FREE distilled.

– 1 gram net weight
– Adjustable Airflow Ring
– Streamline Metal Tip Design

– California State ONLY! –

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  1. purchases the orange cream, Hawaiian red, private blue mountain. orange creme gave a major headache, the red wasn't too bad, and the blue is good. Not sure if I will be buying again.

  2. About to hit up the dispo and I was thinking of getting a couple of these but are they pesticide free? Any additives? That's the most important factor to me and most of the people I know when choosing a cartridge. We're already smoking, we don't need to do even more damage! Lol 😂 Asking because I've searched the entire interwebs and I can't seem to find an answer.

  3. Just got one of these they are fire besides that fact that i have to adjust the air control valve to where it is basically closed just for my Select battery to fire up and get a rip.

  4. I got one of those carts the other day and let me tell you that im sticking to 2020, best carts ive tried and ive tried literally almost all that are on the market and this one just has superb flavor and dankness

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