Undercover officers seize THC vape cartridges, drugs shipped via post office

Undercover officers from the Butler County Undercover Regional Taskforce confiscated THC vape cartidges, a plethora of drugs and $2,723 cash which was all being shipped through the United States Postal Service.



  1. Dear Lord thank GOD they caught them in time right?! that was enough pot to make about 15-25 people get the munchies and a few laughs they might need.
    This lady reminds me of this cheerleader I met in HS (freshman with zero drug experience or knowledge) who cried and called the class & teacher insensitive for having an open discussion about weed..because she said her Dad “overdosed”…on weed… SMDH

  2. The FDA is trash and lying scum vaping is fine, once upon a time they banned alcohol. Don't get caught up on the wrong side of the fake panic.

    In other news weed should've been legalized years ago. What a backwards state and what terrible coverage by this yuppy chick.

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