Vape Cartridges 101 Beginners Guide and 5 Strain Head to Head Review!!

18+ years and older only. For entertainment purposes.
We try to keep the strain videos to about 5 minutes and hit on most of the main highlights of the bud. If there is anything you would like me to add to these videos please let me know in the comments below. Thanks for Watching.



  1. I have been getting some "concentrate" oil that a shop in Michigan sells. But it's too thick. And they sell it in a little mini-fatty-syringe with a no-needle tip on it. So I have to load it into a cart myself. I cant tell where to put the oil.. And when I do put some "oil" in the shaft I have a real hard time putting the plastic shaft back on without smearing shit all over the place…

  2. I usually open the carts if one fails and pour it into the empty one slowly. Drip it on the pipe part and it'll just slide down slowly. Works better with a buddy. Have him wave a lighter on the glass a bit so that'll leak faster.ive done it plenty of times. Especially in my car when it hot outside.

  3. Y'all got it expensive in Washington Colorado 1000 mg cartridge is about 22$ out of door if you want a great set up that's not to expensive craft or o pens they work wonderful and burn completely empty and are refillable

  4. At my dispensary i like the carts with clear plastic tips, i like regulator, millennium and bohdi high. Double delicious is alright if u want half gram, I wonder what other people pay? My place is 18-35$ for a half gram cart and for a gram 21.25$ up to i believe 50 or 45$ and the optimum is 25$ but to be honest I don't know if its a half gram or a full. Prob half

  5. sweet video! I just got the Aspire Zelos and I want to get some cartridges like those but use them together, im thinking they will work since its the 510 thread. I want to start low temp but i dont know if it will all work. might just get a thing so i can smoke concentrates and fill it up with my own distillate.

  6. can you extract the thc from the oil without igniting the oil (ie. i have lots of oil left in the cartridge but i think the thc has been extracted from it already)???

  7. The only brand I see around here is one called "Select", I'll have to check if you reviewed that brand.

    Good video! One thing I've actually done is track how many hits a catridge gives me. They all say (300 hits per 1g) or (150 hits per half g) and at six second times but I am actually finding that some cheaper catridges in the past (dont know the brand, it was a 'bargain' cartrige) and it actually lasted more hits than some of the more expensive cartridges with the same amount of oil (1g). So that was interesting, but overall I've only had one issue with a cartridge not working and it was actually user error, I apparently had tightened the cartridge too tightly to the pen and it was causing the lights on the pen to flash with no vapor being produced.

  8. I bought a vape cartridge that has what looks like crystallized honey in certain spots. Is this mold? It looks scary. I think i tried hitting one before from a friend, and got a horrible headache. Should i toss it? Or is it toxic? Ive googled every possible way of inquiring, and i guess it's never happened to anyone else before. Any frikkin body?!

  9. The reason why one tasted like butane is some are made with butane I found out. You can see on the Optimum package it says CO2 on it, stick with those! I got lucky, the store I goto in my town pointed me to the Optimum brand straight away, and let me know about the butane made ones (BOS I think). We were total noobs as well, and we love these now for sure! Nice video😀

  10. I feel like with these vape cartridges, we should just buy a little $20 box mod for ecigs. Those have much more power than you need for the cartridges but they generally have replaceable batteries that are much larger and they have micro USB charging. I just use my sigelei 75w with my vape cartridges and it works way better than a normal battery.

  11. Your lack of understanding of batteries is remarkable. Your understanding of cannabis oil cartridges is remarkable. This is a clear contradiction of "weed makes you dumb". Weed simply realigns your focus to what is truly important in life.

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