Vape Cartridges – Contaminants, Open Standards and Proprietary Systems

With all the recent news about vape pens, contaminants, lung illnesses, I remembered that I sat down with Raymond Yu of iKrusher a few months ago and forgot to post the video.

Here it is. We talk quality, 510 thread open standards and the emergence of proprietary pod systems from companies such as PAX, iKrusher, Stiiizy and others.

Filmed at WeedCon in Hollywood.

Boveda –
Global Garden –
Simplify –
Linx Kiosk –
Clark Neubert –
CannaRegs –
Green Bits –



  1. Give me a glass pipe and some fire and Ill blow clouds in these rookies faces while they fumble for their batteries to charge and wonder why they cant finish one of my bowls without puking and passing out, or damn near shitting themselves. Layer a bowl properly with flower and concentrates and pack it correctly, purchase yourself a well made flowed out pipe with proper holes, and proceed to get HIGH AF. These boys wouldn't be able to take 1 of the 4 footer haze rips I used to take back in the day. Time to wake up yall, hitting a shit pen or even a good quality one all day isnt shit compared to waiting and on a baseline state smoking properly. Pens are the worst thing to happen to Cannabis. They defeat the ritual, the passing of a pipe, the element of fire not present, you can vape anywhere. Catch me where the smokes swirlin

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