Vape Cartridges In Wisconsin

Dude Grows Show Wake & Bake America clip from Ep. 921
WBA News Feed: More than half of Wisconsin vaping samples tested by FDA contain marijuana ingredient.
The Dude, Scotty and Guru discuss Vape Cartridges in Wisconsin. Vaping samples from Wisconsin linked to lung injuries tested by U.S. health regulators showed that more than half contained THC and two-thirds tested positive for a cutting agent Vitamin E acetate.

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  1. People who sell these bootleg carts are scum. I almost got into a fight with a "licensed" person over the fact he's selling 1,000's of bootleg carts that have almost identical packaging as the real ones in Cali or CO, but obvious mistakes like 1,000mg in a labeled 500mg box. But anyways I don't trust anyone's opinion who sells knockoff crap and won't admit it or say they're just as good as the real ones…Grow your own make your own!! some hash and vegetable glycerin or something like glycerin im not sure if they think that's still healthy, but it cant be that difficult.

  2. Haha!! Dude’s Like β€œWe’ll hear in the comments why it’s not good”
    Scotty basically is right jus making a super clean concentrated version of the stuff we love about flower without having to inhale combustible carbon in plant material. It Def feels a little β€œIcky” lol if u will because of the technology having to be used or the tech that’s being invented to achieve these super clean THC πŸ’£, by icky meaning it’s like a F’n Meth lab if ya seen one, and a homemade, rigged up lab at your chronies house is wayyy worse!! But whatever gets the job done I guess!!!

  3. IDK,I live in Wisconsin.
    There have been a few large busts for illegal vape cart manufacturing.
    It's really a big deal here in the news.
    When the sheriff who was involved in the first large bust here in se Wisconsin (Milwaukee area) came out for his press conference,he was way to excited,like Barney Fife after his first arrest.
    He made it seem like this was some sort of new thing never seen before in his department.
    Yet,I've seen carts in my area for years now.
    Either really bad police work,or they decided to do something in regards to the mass amount of carts available, because of all the news coverage on the "vaping deaths"..
    My biggest gripe here in Wisconsin relatiing to this story is….
    As they kick in the doors of these "vape operations" which have never even been remotely linked to any harm or injury to anyone,the endless parade of walking zombies,fueld by the heroin that flows freely out of alot of gas station parking lots,and back alley ways,never seems to end.
    From overdose deaths, prostitution,scores of discarded syringes,and just the all out Filth..
    But what do you see on the news here?
    The "vaping epidemic"..
    It's just enough to make a guy shake his head in disbelief.

  4. your dealing with the tide pod generation, so the cigaret comp, are losing money, people are quiting the cigarets with cannabis, and none cannabis vape, so they push this out, the comp losing the tax rev. to pay off the law suits, if u kind of get my drift, these high pay comp, don't care who they hurt, or kill

  5. I disagree with Guru, your preaching its ONLY the vitamine E acetate that is what is causing lung problems in vape cartriges..I agree with what scotty was trying to say before guru got offended by scotty giving PG, PEG and VG negative light lol. Seems like guru might be a vaper and might be a little biased. Here and there its not going to kill you, smoke them things like cigarettes and you will FEEL the lung pain even when your not puffing on them. But hey the studies show its healtht so it must have been my imagination πŸ˜‰

  6. I love you dude, but I wish you would stop being so negative about the vapes… Vaping saves more lives than it's ever harmed, and the only reason it's harming people now is because of black market dipshits who have no regard for the consumers or even their own customers. If you're an adult and you choose to vape over smoke, more power to you. And kids have been latching on to what they think is cool for-fucking-ever… How about holding the parents accountable, or at least being thankful more kids aren't still experimenting with cigarettes.

  7. Them dummies! We know they have THC ! It's the Bootleg ones with vitamin E additive that's killing people. if it doesn't taste like cannabis ill pass! Grow your own medicine 🌱🌿 🍁

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