Vape-Jet 3.0 – Automatic Cartridge Filling Machine – CCEL Vape Cartridges – Time-Shifted

The Vape-Jet is an automatic cartridge filling machine, which is able to fill a variety of cartridge types, vape pods, and capsules.

The Vape-Jet merges a pharmaceutical grade fluid handling system with advanced machine vision alignment. Able to automatically fill over 800 vape cartridges per hour, with minimal labor input.

Machine vision alignment system allows you to fill cartridges directly in shipping trays, without the need to transfer to a jig for alignment. Simply unbox the cartridges, place on the Vape-Jet, and click the dispense button. The Vape-Jet will align to every cartridge before filling, without any operator intervention.

Our state-of-the-art laboratory calibrated and certified pump can achieve the fastest possible dispense times. Programmable to dispense any volume from .001 ml to 5 ml. Your vape cartridges will be filled accurately and reliably.

Temperature control is vital to accurate automatic vape cartridge filling systems. We achieve control though three fully independent, electrically heated, proportional–integral–derivative (PID) controlled heat zones. Reservoir temperature, pump temperature, and dispensing head temperature are all independently controlled. Temperature variations during the cartridge filling process are eliminated using PID control.

The Vape-Jet is the smartest filling device on the planet. Using collected cartridge data and photos, our nueral network visually inspects for cartridge defects prior to filling, providing traceability down to individual cartridge verification.

The Vape-Jet system is capable of saving 1,000 different configurations. A master of efficiency, the Vape-Jet system allows each configuration to loaded or updated as needed. Switching between different profiles is simple – and accommodates different product attributes and cartridge styles.