Weedtuber Edibles – Java Bean Brownies + Cannabis Oil THC Distillate Vape Cartridges

DISCLAIMER: My videos contain no illegal drug use or any nudity, sexual content, or any other adult material, but are filmed by a legal card holding medical cannabis user, and content is intended for information & education only.
I do not intend to monetize ANY of my videos on this channel. My only goal for these videos is to more easily convey my daily life & past history of medical problems & Rx drugs, and my current struggle to survive on MMJ.

On today’s video, another daring experiment in edibles, combining a yummy Triple Chocolate Chunk brownie mix, ground Java Beans, and the magic, my previously made canna-coconut oil with added THC Distillate from a few extra Co2/Open Auto Vape Pens!! Check out the video for the results!
SUPPLIES NEEDED for the recipe in this video:
-Pre-made canna-coconut oil was used, as it was not strong enough for edibles yet, but you can use just the 1/2cup (plus 2tbsp) plain coconut oil per 1g of THC distillate/Co2 cartridge oil.
-Small pan with evenly heated surface, or oven safe ceramic dish floating in a pot of water
-Small spatula
-Large brownie/casserole pan
-Mixing bowl
-Brownie/Cookie mix
-Ingredients on back of your brownie mix (can be used in cookies as well, by following the package instructions using medicated oil in place of oil/butter)…
-Damp wash cloth

Good luck, and let me know what you think!

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