Which Oil Vape Pen Produces the Biggest Clouds by HoneyStick | oil vape tanks & vaporizers

On this exciting episode Dan Hoff and James of HoneyStick test out the latest 510 thread oil pens, fill them up, turn them up and see which ones produce the biggest cloud. This is a very important aspect to vapers and has been for e-lquid vaping. But in this video we see what vape pen 510 thread cartridge for oils, CBD, and concentrates will make the biggest cloud. All these 510 thread batteries, cartridges, and pens are filled up with CBD oil and then we analyze which oil pen will produce the biggest cloud. Even though blowing a big cloud with an oil pen isn’t the only important feature of a vape pen, several customers say it is very important when buying a vape pen. You can see these great vape pens and batteries in action to produce the biggest cloud.

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