White Runtz Gummies and White Runtz Disposable Vape Pen Review

Stoner Story and Review
I remember the day the first cannabis vape cartridges were released. I believe it was 12 or 13 years ago, though I could be wrong. Back then, I didn’t have too many close friends who had a rec. Most people were scared they would get on a “list.” However, one good friend of mine, who is always thinking about things in a very logical, practical manner, could see the benefit of having that access after watching my access for more than a few years. Especially after witnessing no consequence from the federal government and the opportunities I could still create in life.

To this day, my friend is an early adopter of technologies and, at the time, was a gigantic Cannabis Connoisseur. The pens were not on my radar but were on his as he was watching the menu for them at the PCC website and saw them dropped. This was a time right before weedmaps was invented, and it was common then to check the PCC site every day. At the time, they were dropping some of the best cannabis strains in the Bay Area, MK Ultra (the real deal), Midnight, Mother of Midnight, etc.

We quickly met up and carpooled over to the East Bay. It was common then for popular items to sell out at PCC rapidly. We arrived just in time; they still had everything in stock. There were three different half gram metal tip cartridges available; Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid with a very basic pen-like battery. It took them a few months, but they soon came out with strain-specific cartridges.

We bought one or two cartridges of each that I believe were priced at around $30 each. Now, this was huge. We had Concentrated Cannabis that was incredibly easy to access. You need to understand that the concentrates of today were in their infancy. Also, just a few years before this, the only concentrates (hashish) being made was being done with people banging pot plants on a rug or rubbing a bunch of plants with their hands and removing then carefully removing the finger hash. Now don’t get me wrong, I love traditional stamped Morrocan Hash, probably even more than today’s concentrates as it has a more well-rounded stone more inline with the high of flowers.

So how were the pens? At the time, knowing nothing better, we enjoyed them. In retrospect, they had a tinny flavor profile as all the first cartridges did back then. However, they did pack a good punch, getting you lit as shit whenever and wherever you wanted. It was never easier to get stoned in a movie theater, shopping at the mall, or even Disneyland.

It has been fantastic to watch the Darwinian evolution of pens and cartridges take place before my eyes, which brings me to my review today. Today, I will be doing something a little different, reviewing two products in one write up. Today I will be reviewing the White Runtz Disposable Vape Pen and White Runtz Gummies by Nero’s Cut.

In the past, I have reviewed a few different Nero’s Cutt strains, Blizzrdz, and Frostiez, both of which I enjoyed tremendously. Consequently, I was excited to see this throwback to one of the original strains who got things popping, White Runtz.

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  1. I got this same exact one in the vid! Mines mouth piece twisted off easy, almost too easy. I’m rly sketched about that. Plus I’m in an illegal state, where normal weed/delta9 is illegal, but delta 8 is fully legal, whereas this isn’t, and my girl gave me it saying she bought it from a vape shop and they were selling it off as “delta 8” loll so weird shit

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